When my sin is all that I can see
Your grace remains the shelter that I seek 💛

When the cares of this world
Darken my day
You are the light that shines
And shows me the way 💛

Raul Sison Jr. Consistent honor student. Our batch’s Valedictorian. Everyone’s favorite. The ideal man.

He was my first high school crush, but that didn’t take awhile because I get annoyed of him. Ang kulit. Ang daldal. Ang daming alam. I remember how frustrated I was when I learned that he would be my seatmate in most of our subjects back in junior year. But I never thought that sitting next to this guy would be a blessing. I have seen the different facets of him. That behind the annoying kid, academic awards and praises is a guy with a big heart, depth and humility. Throughout that school year, we have seen each other at our best and worst. In him, I have found a friend. My counterpart.

He was there when I was down. He was there when I needed someone to talk to about life. He was there to make me laugh. He was there when I needed support. I could recall in one of our math quizzes, I was so desperate to pass that I asked him for the answers. And being the best friend that he is, he refused, instead he encouraged me with “kaya mo yan!” “Kaya mo yan!” In one of the plays he wrote for our class, he assigned me to do this particular role which I found challenging thus I complained, but he said in reply: “binigay ko yan sayo kasi alam kong kaya mo”

Raul is the best friend anyone could ever have. He is the smartest person I know. One of the kindest. And one of my biggest influence. He taught me to believe in myself. Others would remember him as the over achiever/popular kid, but I will always remember him as the simple ‘jopet’, the kengkoy at jologs ‘rupertuz batungbakal’, the brilliant ‘basang sisiw’ and my one and only ‘Rura’. The best friend who wouldn’t judge but accept, who would not hate but understand, who would not deter but help you grow.
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TOP 3: Current Favourites

The more I study media, the more I become aware how dirty it is. Internet is a medium that influence our perceptions of ourselves and others. Throughout the years, I have observed how this medium unconsiously destroyed and disconnected most of us. And I came to the point where I just wish I have a time machine to go back to the pre-internet days. Where kids are playing outdoors with their friends. Where handwritten love letters are still in. Where people communicate face to face. But things have changed drastically over the decades. We have what we called “the modern day”, and I have no choice but to face and embrace it. The past few days, I’ve  been wandering around the net and I chanced upon these videos on Youtube; and they reminded me that internet wasn’t that bad at all. That despite of all its negative impact on us, this medium has also built and connected most of us in many different ways. 

1. Lost For Words - Jeremy Lin

This short film is inspired by a true story of a young Burmanese kid who moved to America and was able to conquer his inferiorities and fears with the help of a mentor. This really moved me because I could somehow relate to the kid in the film. I also went through the struggle of moving to a different country, being exposed to a new culture, people and language. Thank God for the family and friends who have been there and for the fact that I never experienced being bullied. It is really inspiring and it reminds me of how an act of kindness can really make a difference. I’ve never watched Jeremy Lin play in NBA but I have seen him in a number of inspiring short films, and I must say kindness is attractive. So I hope you give this a watch! Be kind, always! And I also recommend you watching the Behind The Scenes, so you’ll get to know more about the story behind this film and be inspired more! :)

2. ToThe9s


Tothe9s is a fashion youtube channel of two college students, Cassie and Ricci. At first, I thought they were the stereotype liberated fashion gurus on YouTube, but I WAS WRONG! These two ladies from Vancouver inspire me to not only dress up, but also to love myself more, to be myself and enjoy my youth. I’ve always been the “manang/ old fashioned” kind of lady and I didn’t really put extra effort to take care of myself more, so their channel is really a good find! I’ve watched all their videos and I look forward to watching more from them!  And what I love more about their channel is that they always include a bible verse by the end of their videos! I reckon you search them on Youtube, they have really good style in fashion and in life! :)

3. Oceans - Hillsong

I’ve come across people in the internet blogging/tweeting/instagrammin about this song, but when I learned that it last for over 9 minutes I didn’t bother to listen to it until last week. I know, I’m such a loser. But hey better late than never! I seriously fell in love with this song and this Music Video! I listen and watch it everyday! Honestly, I listen to three versions of Oceans almost everyday (this one, Gabe Bondoc’s and the original one). Sometimes I even put it on repeat and I just never get tired of listening to it! It’s just so beautiful and inspiring! So if it’s your first time to come across this song or music video, hit the play button now! As in Now na!! don’t be a loser like me, it’s worth 9 minutes of your time!! Go! :)

So there you have it folks, these are my current favorites at the moment. Indeed, internet wasn’t that bad! If only people can manage to use this medium properly, things would surely turn out differently. So, I hope you use internet wisely! Oh that rhymed hehe! Use it to showcase your talents instead of judgements, tell your worth telling stories not your hates toward other people and spread inspiration instead of senseless images! Be a good example. Make a difference. Because you don’t know who you are helping! :)



M&M Adventure: The Walk

Since the uni started, me and Miggy weren’t able to go out as much as we want to. Sadly, our schedules do not meet this semester. He usually finishes uni late and I’m also a working student, so we’re just lucky enough to catch up on facebook everynight for 15-30 minutes. Our “once-i- a-week-deal-date” before becomes once in two weeks! So, when we finally both able to squeeze in some time for each other last week, we really made the most of it!! 

If you are a reader of my blog, you know that Miggy and I love to try different cuisines whenever we go out. And this time, we had a taste of Malaysia. He took me to Satay Kingdom Cafe in town and just like most of the asian restos we’ve been to, this resto also offers big servings!!


I had grilled sembal fish (top photo) and he had kung poh chiken (bottom photo). The sembal fish is the bomb! I’ll give this resto a 6/10. 


Afterwards, he asked me to go the park and said we we’re going to play a game.  So after we ate, we packed our bags and walked for 30 minutes to our favorite park in town. Little did I know, he would surprise me with a bunch of chocolates. Now, how chocolates related with any game you ask… 


Here’s a trivia: Miggy and I love the movie, The Vow. We haven’t watched it together though. But I remember talking about this movie with him in one of our fb convos. And from that, we’ve always wanted to do the chocolate game featured in the movie. We planned to do it during the new year, but that never happened until last week. It was fun! 

From the park, we walked for about another 30 minutes to go ice skating. It’s our first time to do it together and we both don’t know how to skate! 


We barely went far from the railings at the start. But later on, we managed to skate without holding to them. I swear, Miggy was so determine to learn! He’s so cute! This is definitely one for the books. I love how we conquered our fears together! Yiheee cheese!

We headed to his last lecture for that day afterwards. Yes, I lecture crashed! It was Math so I barely understand anything but I found it really interesting. Btw, Miggy’s studying engineering and he’s a math maniac! Such a smarty pants!

Then, we walked down to town again and grabbed some merienda. We went to Strawberry Fare. He always wanted to bring me there, but when we once tried it was closed and doesn’t open until 5 p.m. So this time, we asked permission to our parents if we could go home at around 7 p.m. Yes, permission is required!! Honestly, this was our first time going out beyond 5 p.m. (well aside from his ball last year). And he took me home as he promised to my Pop. Yieee haba ng hair ko! :p

Okay, back to Strawberry Fare!! I learned that this resto was a funeral home before. I seriously didn’t know what to react after hearing that! No wonder they have this kind of interior! 



Good thing, they have dainty table setting!! 


And I enjoyed their dessert too! We will definitely go back to try more of their menu!

I thought our adventure ended there, but I was wrong!! As we’re walking to the train station,  we found that’s it was already past 6! We still have 15 minutes to walk and we’re afraid to miss out the train since we told our parents that we’d be home by 7! Thus, we ran as fast as we could! I thought we’re in the amazing race! He carried my bag together with his bag  and his laptop in it! He kept on apologizing and asking me if I was okay. That really moved me and realized how much blessed I am to have him. I swear in that moment, I felt that he would really take care of me for the rest of our lives! Napadasal talaga ako in my head ng Lord, please kami na talaga sana!! haha Thank God, we’re able to catch the train in time!  We were sweating!! Nawala talaga ang kinain namin the whole day! haha

The train was too packed! I thought after all the walking and running, we would still stand up throughout the travel and that thought really saddened me because I know we’re both tired. But there’s this one guy who made a way so me and Miggy could sit down. Plus, the train staff charged us with student fare. It’s amazing how God works on our behalf. He knows what we need! I guess that’s our reward!! Napa-God Is Good, All The Time talaga kami duon! :) 

About 70% of that day was allotted to walking. It was tiring. Yes. It was exhausting. Yes. But it was definitely an adventure. An adventure to remember. Forever. Just like any relationship, ours is definitely not a walk in the park. I had major issues with trust and he dealt with that wholeheartedly and without complains. I feel really blessed to have a boyfriend who’s always willing to walk beside me whether in good times or in bad.

And you know what, I pray you will also find a guy who will love you the way you wanted to be loved. 

To end this, here’s our quick ice skating video:

M&M Adventure: Ice Skating from marah roque on Vimeo.

Here’s to more M & M Adventure! 



Friends, Romans, Countrymen, here are my degree holder Aquarius friends!!


It’s the time of the year where graduation photos are all over the net, particularly in the Philippines. This year marks the end of the academic journey of most of my highschool friends. This year is also the year I supposed to graduate from college, but God has better plans in mind for me. Surprisingly, I don’t feel any bitterness at all! 

Wow, where did the time go? It went by way too fast! I could still vividly remember those times where we exchanged stories about homesickness. Them being away from Bataan and me being away from the Philippines. By just looking at their grad photos now, I couldn’t be any prouder to know that they have survived college life! Not to mention, some of them even graduate as Cum laude. Wow just wow! Soon enough, they’ll be embracing the new chapter of their lives. And I can’t wait to see them all succeed in their own chosen field! 



Super love these photos! Many things have changed throughout the years, but there’s one thing I’m grateful that remained the same—our friendship. And I believe, it is nothing but stronger. In high school, I have met friends that I know will grow old with me. God has blessed me with so many good friends. And I super love to seem them still support each other, despite of their busy lives. These people are keepers.  We may be in different places, but we never grow separately. 




To the batch 2014 and to all my friends who  graduated (and will graduate) this year, Congratulations to yall! Yall made me so proud! I wish you well on your future endeavours! And to my friends who are still finishing college, yall made me proud too! It will be our turn soon! Just keep on striving and believe in yourself! I love yall!

Your success is my success too! 



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I swear, I live in these moments. 

The paper planes was kuya’s idea. He asked us to make one and on it we have to write our prayers to God.  Isn’t he genius? 

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