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Current Soundtrack Of My Life: Last Hope

Sometimes life can be cruel and makes you wish you had the power to teleport. So when life gets tough, you have the ability to vanish and escape everything that is drowning you in an instant. That might be an act of cowardice, but isn’t it wonderful to be able to breathe just for once? But unfortunately, no one is given that kind of power. As Augustus Waters puts it, “the world is not a wish-granting factory”. Thank God, there’s such thing we called hope. Just like how Paramore defines it—it glows in darkness; it is the spark that keeps us going; and the thing we hold onto that keep us alive. Probably it is the reason why teleportation is only a thought of fiction, because in reality, hope is greater than anything in this world. 

M & M Adventure: In Simplicity We Trust

Miguel and I were able to see each other twice last week. That’s an achievement for a couple that only meets once a week hehe! He’s currently on his sem-break, so he exerts effort to make more time for me, and that I truly appreciate.

Since I’m currently unemployed, I have to adjust with my expenses, and that includes my budget for dates. I’m blessed to be with someone who’s very generous. Miguel always insists to pay for our dates, but I don’t like to depend all the expenses on him. So we usually share payments every time we go out. But there were moments where Miguel sneakily paid for our food/adventure without me knowing. Sometimes, he would take me on a date without giving me any idea where we’re going, because he simply wants to spoil me. However, even I’m currently jobless, I still don’t want him to feel that he’s responsible to pay for our dates. And being the girlfriend na ayaw masyado magpalibre, our last week’s dates have been pretty laid-back and definitely on a budget! 

Last Tuesday, he surprise visit me at home. He had to wait for me for two hours since I was organising my graduation fees. Plus, I woke up late hehe. Sorry, my love! That day, he took me to Upper Hutt for a change. We had no plans at all. We just roamed around and found that there’s nothing much to do in their city. So Miguel suggested to go to a park nearby.


I love how I look happy in this photo :)


We were kids once again. We tried different obstacle course. It was a chill afternoon!

For the first time, I faced my fear of slides. A random little girl encouraged me to do it! She’s so tiny yet she’s fearless to slide down. So if she can, I can too!! Wow, there’s so much wisdom you can gain by just facing your fear of slide! Wisdom that I can also apply in different aspects of life! Thank you, random little girl! hehe Of course, we also went to my most favourite area of the park, the swing!!! 


These moments deserve to be documented—hence, the selfies! 


Miguel made me listen to Teddy Geiger’s For You I Will—a song, which according to him, reminds his love for me. That moment was priceless. I know I have a great God because He’s blessed me a man like Miguel. To hold him is a gift. To witness the goodness of his heart is a blessing. Oh God, I’m grateful to be loved by a man after Your own heart.

We had no plans to see each other after our park date, since we usually see other once a week. However, Miguel surprised me again last Friday! Thank God, I just had my shower when he called to say he’s on his way to pick me up. I’m glad that he didn’t have to wait for hours again hehe. 

Honestly, I was praying before he called me. I was having a rough day and only wanted to disappear and be somewhere far from everything. Fortunately, my prayers reached God so quickly and He answered them in an instant. 


I’ve been wanting to go to church for the last few days, and to my surprise, Miguel brought me there. It seems like he already knows what I feel and need even I don’t say anything. That happens all the time. Last Friday also marked the first day of my birthday month, and spending quiet time with him and Him was exactly how I wanted to start my month long birthday celebration. Sometimes, I wonder if God and Miguel connive to make me feel so loved. Haaaay Lord, thank You for always reminding me of who You are through him. 


Since it was another surpise date, we didn’t have any specific plans. Again, Miguel suggested to go to a park—this time it’s the park closest to our hearts. This is where he asked me for courtship.

I’m blessed that he understands my situation. I know that he wants to spoil me and take me to one great adventure, but he knows that I’d just refuse. 


We had subway for merienda. 


And like the usual, we took selfies!


and more selfies! Happy couple is happy ♥


I couldn’t remember how many times I pinched him when he mentioned that we’re watching If I Stay! I only mentioned the film to him once, and was really surprised that he remembered how much I wanted to watch it. My eyes widened and heart was left in amazement. One of the best things about Miguel is that even I don’t want him to spend so much on me or on our dates, he would always always make a way to spoil me and make me feel special. And of course, in return, I bought the subway for us. I don’t think money would be an issue when we get married, because we know how to budget, take turns, compromise, and work as a team. Hay, Lord, thank you talaga for this guy! :)

I’m blessed to be with someone who knows to make the most of the simple moments and bring out the extraordinary in the mundane. Indeed, love doesn’t have to be grand to be sincere. It doesn’t have to be eventful to be exciting. Sometimes, in the little things we learn to value the greater things. Sometimes simplicity is more than enough; because in simple moments and with simple people we appreciate life more. That the calm and quiet moments are also opportunity for us to feel more than alive.  

So to the man of endless surprises, thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life. Thank you for keeping me grounded. I swear, the world needs more people like you. (:

O’ Giliw ko, Miss na Miss Kita

Tribute Thursday: Pheddie Delos Reyes

As they say, in highschool, there’s always one person in your class that everyone loves to make fun of. In our class, that is Pheddie De Los Reyes. He was so gullible. Kaya lagi ko siyang binabara. I’d tell him: bakit mo ginagawang tanga ang sarili mo? Ang harsh diba? Tapos papadyak lang ni Phe yung paa nya with kasamang lukot na mukha tapos biglang tatawa. Mukang sira talaga diba? Charaught.

But behind his naivety was actually a smart boy who knows to value friendship. Who would’ve thought he’d be one of my bestfriends? I remember, when I was heart broken, he would sit next to me, bring his first generation ipod out and we would listen to Rey Valera’s Kung Kailangan Mo Ako. Oh diba ang bago? Tapos sasabihin niya: Oh! Kanta mo para kay ano! Pero in hindsight, theme song talaga ng friendship namin yun eh. Kasi si Pheddie yung taong ipaparamdam sayo na: ‘mayroon kang kaibigan, laging tapat sayo…’

The boy who everyone loves to make fun of before, is now a grown man and a pursuer of dreams. Not to mention, he’s now a registered nurse too. Though many things have changed, there are still few that remained the same. In my eyes, he’s still the Pheddie I know—not the gullible Pheddie, but Pheddie, my best friend.

Pheddie is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. He made me realize that it’s okay to be a laughingstock once in your life, to make mistakes, and ultimately, to be imperfect. He taught me to be a friend, to give and expect nothing in return. Now, he is my constant reminder to dream much bigger dreams for myself. #TributeThursday @ph.delosreyes 😊

M & M ADVENTURE: Arashi x Te Papa 

Check previous post for the full story :)

M & M Adventure: Arashi x Te Papa x Waffle 

Last Friday, I met Miguel after his lecture (in our relationship: education always comes first!), then we ate in a Japanese resto called Arashi. It’s such a cozy place. I like their interior and the music they play. The food and service was nice. It’s very affordable! That’s a BIG PLUS for me hehe! But if I were to compare it to Origami, I’d choose Origami. However, Arashi is worth visiting too! And I think, I’d still go back and try their different dishes with my family or friends! 

For some reason, I felt like going to Te Papa so we headed there afterwards. This time, we didn’t just roam around the museum and take photos, we really did try to experience Te Papa in a very interactive way. So we read, tried their gadgets, went to earthquake house, see the hollogram feature of journey to a new land, and experienced the Golden Days. I also went in to the Blue Whale’s heart for the first time. It was fun! We also went to the highest level of the museum and check out the Wellington view from there. And boy was it amazing! This is one of the things I like about us. We can visit the same place over and over again and still manage to have fun and make new memories together. 

Afterwards, we went down to Courtenay Place and tried The Little Waffle Shop. It was good but I am more of a pancake girl. Then we headed to the Hutt, played at Timezone, got some ice chocolate and called it a day. Just like most of our dates, we didn’t really notice the time passing, because we’re having so much fun. Unlike most couples out there, Miguel and I don’t see each other almost everyday. We see each other once in a week or once in two weeks. Of course, we do miss each other but I guess this works for us. So whenever we go out, we really make the most of it. But actually everytime we see other, it doesn’t feel like we’re apart for days/weeks. I guess, we’re that compatible naks! (; And for that, I am grateful. God has blessed me with an amazing man who also knows how to live, love and laugh. 

Here’s to more adventures together! 

Weekend Adventure: Swimming x Thai Food

Last weekend, our family went to go swimming. It was totally unplanned. Just when I finished my shower, my sister ran up to me and said: ’we’re gonna go swimming!!’ Of course, I gave her the what-are-you-serious-kind-of-look. I really thought she was joking, but I was wrong. So we headed to Naenae pool. It’s been years since the last time we swim as a family. And of course, like they say, the best moments happen when they are unplanned. It was a joyful day. Swimming is actually a good family bonding idea! I haven’t seen Papa enjoyed that much in awhile. He was like a child—happy, carefree whilst reveling in the water. Seeing him and the joy in his face—folks, that was priceless. He grew up near the sea, so swimming was really a big part of his childhood. Sadly, I didn’t get that skill from him. He was trying to teach me some swimming techniques that day but I just kept on laughing. I find it awkwardly funny for some reason. But anyway, we all had fun. I just love my spontaneous family!

After the almost two hour swim, we headed to Upper Hutt to have late lunch. Yes, we’re all starving. We ate at Thai House Express. There’s nothing surprising about their food but I really like their service. Smiling crew is a big plus! We’re meant to get ice cream somewhere but we’re already full and tired. Of course, there’s nothing better to do when you feel full and tired than to rest!!! So we chose sleep over dessert. And the moment we reached home, we went straight to our room and reunite with our beds! 

This weekend adventure was close to perfect. It was indeed a happy day. I was happy, really happy. We didn’t spend much, but we had so much fun. That’s the thing I love about my family, we prioritize our family’s happiness more than anything else. Oh I can’t wait to go on more adventure and see the world with them. 

To end this, here’s the short vlog from our weekend adventure: